The Zoo Do

At breakfast at the hotel, we each found a chocolate Easter bunny by our plates. They also served hard boiled eggs, but since they were all brown, I think they were dyed by the chicken and not the Easter Bunny.

Our American friends who have lived in the Netherlands for as long as we have lived in Hungary, came to Amsterdam to spend the day with us. Audrey, Mike and Oskar were our playmates for Easter Sunday. Ron had to do his religious thing, Easter duty, going to church, so we met them at 11:30. What to do, what to do? What do you do when you have a chronological child and three adults who have inner children who all need entertaining? You do the zoo. Do the zoo; a zoo do was in order. 

After watching a BBC three part series on the London Zoo, I no longer complain about the cost of zoo admissions: Ron’s was €17.50 and mine was €18.95. When you really consider the full day’s enjoyment, it really is not bad at all. The animals are well cared for and there were a few I had not seen before. Others were familiar, but so robust and hearty, it was a pleasure to view them again. 

We said our goodbyes around 5:30 seeing off the family group at the train station and went back to the hotel. Ron rested, I wrote. We went exploring for a dinner place. I had remembered a number restaurants off a popular square where here by myself, but never tried any. We walked over there and found quite a few, but they were pricey, which was interesting considering the tram line that ran on that street is no longer. The restaurant that spoke bi-locationally to our stomach and wallet was a Mexican place. Alfonso’s fed us well with Mexican food that was as good as what we ate in California. Who would have guessed it?

Tomorrow, we leave. There were things I would have liked to have done, but did not have time for, but you always need to save something for next time. 

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