You’re Making Me So Hot

If you are 84 years old, you may still not remember the last record breaking hot day on July 10th when the temperature reached 35.2 C or 95.36 F. Saturday, July 10, 2011 a new record was created with a high of  35.8 C or 96.44 degree F. Now that is toasty and I spent 2 1/2 hours in that heat participating in the excellent Art Nouveau tour by Underguides.

In Budapest on Sunday, the mercury reached 38.4 C or 101.12 F beating the previous record set in 2002 of  36.2 C or 97.16 F. Well enough about the weather, before I start sounding like an Iowa farmer.

While we are on records, the Liszt Ferenc International Airport had a record number of people flying through during the month of June: all leaving for London, Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam. What’s up with that?

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