You Made Me Love You…

When we were still in Modesto, CA Ron and I would meet during the day sometimes for what he called a “mini-vacation’. The destination was always a coffee house, many times a Starbucks due to access for parking. Likewise, we would many times meet after work for a coffee to discuss plans for dinner, but we always seemed to land at Starbucks for heavy duty life event conversations. 
Just like Pavlov’s dog, Starbucks has conditioned associations for me that have yet to wear off. When they announced four years ago that a Starbucks would open in Budapest, I started drooling. After years of dehydration, I can now relish the fact that is has happened. They opened the first store in West End City Center and I was there. Yes, there was a line out the door, but it was worth it. The only part that was missing was Ron to have an intense discussion with, but hey, he is in Colorado. He is having a good time, so I deserve some fun too. 
Starbucks is similarly priced to the existing Coffee Heaven and Costa Coffee chains, but I have to admit Coffee Heaven has an affinity card and many more outlets. I probably will not be making to Starbucks too often.
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