I had finally broken down and went for X-rays of my back and hip. I was concerned about what they may find, so procrastinated as long as I could.

The radiologist has his lab set up in an apartment in a regular apartment building. Nothing medical surprises me any longer, but I could not grasp how they were able to get all of this cumbersomely awkward equipment up four flights and then into the door. He was a kind and professional man who spoke reasonable English and took 7 x-rays, redoing two when he did not like the results of the quality. He said he would give me a written report to take to my doctor. I could hear a typewriter clicking away in the back: a manual typewriter, not a computer, not an electric typewriter. All of the x-rays were 10,000 Huf, about $50.00.

His suggestion was to go to the district doctor and get a referral to an orthopedist. Ron pushed me into doing this today, because I have been putting it off. The district doctor speaks good English, so I found out that I have a herniated disk and degeneration of cartilage in my hip joint. He has me on three medications, two for short term and one for six months, which is supposed to regenerate the cartilage in the hip joint. I am such a poor pill taker; this will be a challenge.