Writ’in the Rails Again

It was over a year ago when my editor for the Frommer’s Europe by Rail book told me to stay close to my e-mail while on my winter vacation. She had anticipated signing up her authors for the next edition. When my winter break was over followed by my spring break, I finally sent off an e-mail asking “Que pasa?” 

Each book has a different editor, so I get a chance to work with different people making this a rewarding job.

By that time, I didn’t need to have a degree in economics to know “it is the economy, stupid.” or rather “it is the stupid economy.” Which ever perspective, Frommer’s and Wiley Publications were holding off on a new edition even if it should have come out for 2010.

Well, my saintly editor received some funds for a rewrite of the book. They thought they would have to do an in-house revision, but they will use authors after all. For me it means I will be doing the rewrite of the Hungary chapter for the 4th edition of the Europe by Rail book. Look for it sometime in 2011 is my guess.

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