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Last night was a great success at the Budapest Creativity Group meeting. Dr. Margaret McMullan was our speaker. She is currently a Fulbright professor teaching this semester at the University of Pécs. It worked perfectly as there was a Fulbright gathering this weekend. We hosted she and her husband Pat along with their son James here at our place. They are such a delightful family, it is disappointing they have to return to Pécs on Saturday.They were invited to a sauerkraut tasting at someone’s home where they will sample five varieties. They certainly will not have to be concerned with scurvy after loading up on that much vitamin C. 

Dr. McMullan graced us with a copy of each of these two books, but she had many more to her credit for both the adult and young adult reader. Our crowd of about twenty people was disappointing for me considering the amount of energy I put into publicizing it, but Margaret was pleased.

Afterward, we shared a dinner at the Indian restaurant around the corner. As soon as we arrived home, the McMullans headed for their bedrooms, while Ron and I went to the computers. Just as I turned on a light, the electric blew out. After Ron checked the circuit breakers, he could not find anything amiss. This morning at 8am, we had to resort to calling our Angel Anna for assistance. Well, actually we needed her husband’s aid; he does electrical work. 

Serving our guests breakfast by candlelight, I ran down to the cafe next door to get four coffees to go. After Laszlo arrived, it only took minutes of investigating to realize the main switch aside from the circuit breaker was on the electric meter itself. Seconds later, there was light and we all said “That is good.”

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  1. It was a very nice session, thanks. What I particularly liked was that Dr. McMullan encouraged us to ask questions, and she tried to respond to all of them. It’s a pity that she goes back to the States because I would most certainly attend a similar event.

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