Wow, I Spaced on These

I spoke about the books I had read in the last couple of weeks, but completely spaced on two others. These were not by choice books, rather because one of our BA students wants to do his thesis on Chuck Palahniuk. I told him i would need to read some of his works, so he lent me 
Choke and Lullaby. Palahniuk wrote Fight Club.
Now that I have read both, I am dying to know what this kid thinks he is going to write about. Neither are great literature; they barely reached mind candy status. Okay, I had at least two short, barely audible chuckles while reading each, but the groans were loud enough to turn heads in public.
They made a movie out of Choke, cannot wait to see it and then test this student to see if he read the book or used the movie as a Cliff Notes.
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