The Wild West Reruns

Jumping out of the news headlines yesterday was this article and others similar, all in regard to Arizona: Arizona’s Immigration Law May Spur a Showdown. Talk about a return to the wild and woolly days of the ole fierce and free shoot’um up Western style of law and order. Well pard’ner if that there fella in the Oval office cannot get this here bit done, we renegades out here in the boonies of ArI-zona will show ya how it is done right and good. Next thing we will wanna be do’in is branding a big “I” on each and every imm-E-grunt we catch being e-legal like, so we can save time later identifying them when they try sneaking in again. Somebody said some guy Nat Hawthorne had this same idear with the letter “A” for those dang woman who could not keep their britches up where they belong.
As an outraged citizen, I believe that if they want to snub the federal laws by imposing these inane state laws, they should also be barred from receiving federal funding. It does not take intensive critical thinking or scrutiny when reading comments from Arizona politicos to recognize the inherent racism, not only with the immigrant issue, but also in regard to our president. It is events such as these that make me loathe being a US American. 
What they are establishing is first a vigilante system, which is going to (pardon the pun) rapidly migrate into a racial profiling situation where anyone of color is stopped and investigated to determine their legal status. Is the Arizona State budget so prosperous that they can afford to waste the resources of their state and local law enforcement officers to deter them from more serious crime prevention? Does the irony escape anyone that the state receives federal funds and then spends state funds in lawsuits fighting the federal government?
Even former Gov. Mike Huckabee said in an interview (link to interview) that he is concerned about the number of lawsuits that this will instigate on a federal level, by civil groups, and individuals that are profiled.
If anyone would bother to check, they would find out that the Mafia originally started as a positive group of Sicilian men who were out to curb injustices. 
The suggestions I would like to promulgate are the following:
1. Tourists both national and international should avoid Arizona.Hurt the economy, wake up the politicians.
2. Don’t buy any product, fruit or vegetable that was planted, cared for, or harvested by migrant workers. After all, if you don’t like illegal immigrants, you should be willing to pay the price of not having them.
3. Write to the State of Arizona to tell them to get all of those lazy white people off of state benefit programs and put them in the fields to harvest the produce. 
4. US American should write to their own state and federal representatives telling them that they abhor what Arizona has done and will not tolerate replication in their own state.

5. Unless you are 100% Native American, US Americans should look in their own ethnic closets to see what skeletons are hidden in there. How legal were your ancestors?

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