Why the Budapest Tourism Numbers are Shrinking

Last year, the hotels here in Budapest had an occupancy rate ranging from 30-60%. Many were moaning, crying the blues as I went from hotel to hotel when I was researching my latest book. While the book was going through the copy-editing phase, I found out one of the hotels I had reviewed, which had been open for four years, decided to close its doors due the economy.Fortunately, I had time to pull it from the book.

This brief from Caboodle.hu is a real indicator of why we went from twenty-two budget airlines at the peak to the six or so remaining now.

Ryanair is considering cancelling its flights in and out of Budapest if it cannot offset the rising airport fees, regional sales director of the low-cost airline László Tamás said. The problem is not with the landing and passenger fees but the fact that handling fees have gone up over 10%, Tamás explained. The Irish airline served 400,000 passengers in Budapest in 2008 but – after cancelling its Bremen and Liverpool services – transported only 177,000 passengers last year, and is aiming for 140,000 this year.

The airline’s twice-weekly flights to Glasgow-Prestwick were recommenced yesterday.
Pécs airport employees were not co-operative and the runway in Debrecen is too narrow,” Tamás said in answer to a question as to why Ryanair does not operate from the provincial Hungarian cities. Ryanair does not fly to Fly Balaton airport due to bankrupt airport operator Cape Clear Aviation’s outstanding debts to the airline.
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