Who is Frank Cotton?

You may notice yet another political banner on the right hand side advertising for Frank Cotton for President. I came across an offer I could not refuse. Post a banner on your blog or website and they will send you a copy of the new novel by Mark LaFlamme Dirt: An American Campaign. After contacting them, they said yes, they would send me the book in Hungary, so I put a banner on the blog.

Today, the book arrived, but I could not remember seeing the banner lately and when I looked, it seems to have disappeared. So guilt and gratitude for getting a free book persuaded me to replace the banner and write this post. Along with the book, there was a campaign button, bumper sticker, and poster. All are displayed in my office at the university to confuse and confound my students.

I have not read the book as it did just arrive today, but I will submit a review once I have. It does look intriguing.