What does the name Korda Sándor or Sándor Korda, however you want to lay it out, mean to you? Does it ring any bells? Hmmmm…I am waiting for an answer, unless you are a Hungarian living in Hungary, then forget it. You don’t get to play this game. Okay, to be fair, he died in 1956, so you may well be too young to recognize the name unless you are an avid movie buff. Korda was a major force in the development of motion pictures, but being Jewish, he and his family found refuge elsewhere. Sándor made his name and fame in England, where he was knighted. 

Now the name is associated with the movie lot sound stage named for him in Etyek, just outside of Budapest. You can view information about the stage here. If you watched the Showtime series The Borgias, it was filmed in this studio, yet sad to say, there were no Jeremy Irons spottings around the city. How did he keep such a low profile? See a sneak look here.

So why all of the hub-bub now? Well, let me tell you all about it. As of July 1st, the first Hungarian film theme park will open at Korda Studios with an annual expected visitor rate of 30-40,000. That will bring some moolah into the economy. I am not a fan, but if you are into the Hellboy series, Hellboy 2 was filmed here. Sets from the movie will be part of those attractions open to the paying public. Who needs Southern California after all?

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