Well Smell Me

Seriously, it is now safe to smell me if I happen to be in range. The plumbers were here this morning and for a good part of the day. They finished installing the shower, radiator, washing machine, sink, toilet, and bidet. While they were at it, they put the mirror and towel back on the wall as well as putting in the two shower racks for bar soap, liquid soap, shampoo, and all those other goodies. I am not sure where to put the bubble bath now. Of course, the brand new soap dispenser that I bought had a broken holder, so that will need to be returned.
They have to come back on Monday to put the glass doors on the shower. The cement and grout on the glass block wall still needs some drying time, but they said it was safe to shower. With an old shower mat on the floor, I christened the new shower and bathroom. 
Still not loving it, but it is better than before. Without the tub, the washing machine is now under the window giving more floor space. Time will tell, but the shower today was so very nice.
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