A Week of Eating

Two years ago when I was researching the first Frommer’s book I was writing, there was a former Fulbrighter here, Angela Bennett, studying Hungarian for the summer. We had known her from her year here as a Fulbrighter, so she went with us to dinner from restaurant to restaurant for weeks, sampling dishes so I had more fodder to review.

History has repeated itself in a minor way. This last week we had the pleasure of the company of one of the first Fulbrighters we had met here in Hungary, Jennifer Norcross. Jennifer was an exchange teacher here for a year, teaching English. She loves the city, so returns often. Her timing was impeccable, not only staying with us, but just in time for the restaurant tour once again. Jennifer had the good sense and I must say good taste to purchase my book ahead of time, so I had a make a list of the restaurants she would like to eat at while here.

Each of her eight nights, we dined at a different place. I collected feedback from she and Ron concerning their meals. Besides being a good dining partner, she is great fun to be around.
She has a vivacious personality and is never without something of interest to share whether it is over the dinner table or just over breakfast. Just observing her in daily life, I can imagine she is an incredible teacher. We just wish she could have stayed longer, there are so many more restaurants to waiting for us.