Websites by Nigel

My friend Nigel Hancock, who was a tremendous help and guide with my own websites, has set up business developing websites in general.

If you need a website or just want to have your current website updated with a fresh new look, here are some of the sites he has created. His rates are more than competitive; they are a bargain for the work he puts into them. You can reach him here. Each name below is a hyperlink. Click on it to see the site.

BudaBaB B&B
Inn on the Moor
Lake District Walking Holidays
Villa Casasonana
Lyndale Guesthouse
Highgate Hotel
North Berwick Vacation Apartment

Can We Dance – Shoe Shopping
Lenora Winery –  Wine Shopping 
Simply Pout – Women’s Fashion Shopping
Tbox Media Centre – Technology Shopping

Professional Services
Go Fast Forward – Management Training Company
Kostrinsky Solutions – Professional Fund Raising
Tenacity Targeted Marketing – Marketing Services
Hotel and Leisure Solutions – Marketing Services
ANITP – Association of Nigerian IT Professionals
TLB Technology – Home and Business Computer Tech Support
The Family Practice – Family Dentistry
Baker Legal Company – Solicitors 

Personal Needs
Personal Wedding 
Fancy A Hand – Concierge Services
GRG Storage – Self Storage Solutions
Gronroos Dry Cleaners – Dry Cleaning
Renovation of a Life – Life Coaching and Mental Health Therapy

Visit With Me – Interactive Advertising site
GRG Packaging – Packing Materials
GRG Offices – Office Rental Space
GRG Courier – Courier Services
New Forest Equestrian Association – Horseback Riding