Weather We Stay or Go

No, I am not having a confusion moment between weather or whether. This last week we had a couple booked for four nights. Somehow, because of the names and the spelling of the names, I was expecting two men, but it was a husband and wife. Not very important to the story, I don’t think, just an aside.

They arrived while I was out, but Ron had shown them our superior hospitality to guests. When  made it back, they cooed on and on about how much they loved the place, how it was better than the pictures, how wonderful Ron was to them already, and so on. She, though, started complaining about the heat. Yes, it was one of those days where the mercury ran, not crawled up toward the 96 degree mark. I shared the lack of air conditioning in Europe along with a story of a handmade soap company that had a kiosk in the mall until one summer, all the product melted. We all laughed. FYI, this couple live in a high end desert city in CA. They probably only spend the time from the house to the store out of air conditioning. 

Having made their plans, they took off. Three hours later, they returned to announce they were leaving us to go to a hotel with air conditioning. She could not handle the hit. He was fine. Yes, they conceded they would be paying more than double what we ask for, but she needs air conditioning to survive. She suggested she may not go out at all while here if the heat continued to beat on her like it had. Quite honestly, she looked like someone beat her with the ugly stick, then dragged her behind a horse though an old west town. I too get sick in extreme heat, so I could sympathize, but really I was mourning the lack of income during a poor year. 

Twice I asked if they checked for anything left here, but was assured they had everything they needed. The husband was so apologetic, didn’t offer to make up our lost income. They spent a month in Italy before taking a cruise here, so they are not paupers. Later that evening there was an e-mail. She forgot her night gown, laundry detergent, and toothbrush. I had discovered the first two items, but not the toothbrush. They wanted to fetch them the following day. I told them one of us would wait around taking turns as we both had things that needed doing. 

They did not show until 8pm entering with stories about how glorious their day was and what amazing luck they had. They rode for free on the transport as they look over 70 years old. Personally, I would have paid just to prove differently. On and on they went about how they received this and that for nothing or got away with things. My inclination was to tell them how please I was that someone found luck since we seemed to be hitting the unlucky jackpot with guests. No matter how old I get, people’s behavior will always amaze me.