A Day of Relaxation in Swapokmund

We arrived in Swapokmund yesterday and are staying at a really nice accommodation with eclectic colors. Our bathroom is purple and the room is dark blue. As strange as it may sound, it works. The bar is on the second floor of a lodge type building and the downstairs is reception and the dining room. It is rustic looking, but very well built, cheery and comfortable.

We were meeting Omo and Jean for breakfast at 9:00 and as is usual, I was up early to read and write. The four of us had breakfast at the lodge and then went walking
through the town looking in stores. This is the first time on the trip that we have had time to get off on our own. Most other times and places, we have been in a group only.
Omo and Jean wanted to check e-mail, Ron and I wanted coffee. We met at the café and then continued shopping until lunch at 1:00. We found a restaurant called The Blue Onion and had a great lunch. The ladies took off so Jean could go quad biking and Ron and I walked to the ocean. The city is so European, the German influence is inescapable. After a short nap later in the afternoon, we then met up with everyone else in the bar at the accommodation. Our group took over the bar, leaving little room for the other guests, but we were having a jolly time. They had a huge wide screen television, but they did not have any service for those of us that were desperate for some news. Adrian, Doris, Inike, and Wilfred had gone skydiving that morning and Inike and Wilfred had wanted to show us their DVD of their experience. We could not get the equipment to work on the TV, so we finally crowded around a laptop and watched it there. As exciting as it was to see, the rest of us could not imagine doing it ourselves. The four of them were held in high esteem for having the guts to do it.
We had dinner as a group in the accommodation’s dining room; Bruce fixed a chicken pasta dish in their kitchen. The Rasmusson family is staying behind tomorrow and going off on their own. We were all going to be feeling the loss of their spirit and energy when they are gone. Anna and Omo had done a little presentation of hand slapping a few nights ago and Anna found the theater bug from the applause. She wanted to do some other presentation for their last night with us. Ron and Rikard got involved too, so Ron rewrote the words to a children’s tune to fit our group experience. After dinner, Anna, Rikard, Alma, and Ron did their little presentation It was so heartwarming.
The words to the song are:
The wheels on the truck go round and round (Repeat 3 times)
All over Africa!!!
The tires on the truck go flat, flat, flat (Repeat 3 times)
All over Africa!!!
The tires on the truck get fixed, fixed, fixed (Repeat 3 times)
All over Africa!!!
Bruce on the truck says “All on board” (Repeat 3 times)
Driver John on the truck says “Time for a smoke” (Repeat 3 times)
All over Africa!!!
Thomas on the truck says “Alles gutt” (Repeat 3 times)
All over Africa!!!
The people on the truck say “Are we there yet” (Repeat 3 times)
All over Africa!!!
The people on the truck say “Nomad rocks!” (Repeat 3 times)
All over Africa!!!
Everyone was duly impressed. Anna and Rikard, being so young, are warm, polite, and intelligent children who gave a great deal of enjoyment to the rest of us.

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  1. I am sitting here this weekend updateding the Nomad Tour Dossiers and checking some information and accommodation website links on the website. I came accross your blog and really enjoyed reading it. I am glad you had such a nice trip. And dont worry, that accommodation in Vic Falls has been changed to something much nicer!
    Loren, Nomad

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