A Watery Wet Taste of Culture

When I awoke this morning, I decided today was going to be culture day, gosh darn it. I usually wait for someone to want to go with me and then when they decide they will, I am wrapped up in some project. I hate breaking away from projects in progress.

After the guest were fed, the laundry was hung to dry, I played clothespin photography (see photo blog site), I was ready to do the museum on Castle Hill. My experience in the past has been that the Hungarian National Gallery is hotter than hell in summer, so the stays are minimal. There were two exhibits I wanted to see: Markó Károly and Munkácsy’s Christ Trilogy. 

My preferred way of getting to the castle is to take bus 16 from Deák Ferenc tér. So, I am walking through the square where just about everyone is carrying a plastic cup of water. Due to the heat, they set up a booth.

I am thinking, this is a great idea as I head over to get some water too. But then I notice something that stops me in my tracks. There was a valid connection between this and the booth where the water was being distributed.

Opps! No, thanks. I will get a bottle of water which may have the same source, but at least I won’t know for sure. 
The Christ Trilogy was worth seeing, but the Károly was not to my taste. To my delight, the entire museum was cool, while certain areas were air conditioned. Anyway, I did get a couple of shots with my phone as I left.