Wasted Time Never to Receive Again

I like the fact that credit card companies are being stringent with their security, but it can get so aggravating when they block my card every other month. In the last six weeks, I have had to call MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. The strangest thing with some of the cards is that I did not even use them, but no one else tried to either. 

“Hey, let’s play around and block this guy’s card for the fun of it. He have been a member for twenty-one years, but we work here and cannot get credit.”

Tonight, it was a call to Chase Visa. This was prompted by a message from Bank of America stating they could no longer access my account; hence, they would not make automatic payments until I fixed the problem. I tried logging on the Chase website; “Sorry, we cannot find your account.” Well you certainly can find it when I send you money. After four attempts, I gave up and called. They answered right away with NO phone tree to go through. I spoke immediately with a live person. 

When she heard the problem, it meant being transferred to the technical issues department. Oh, boy! Surprise, the call was answered immediately. BUT wait, we cannot help you, because your card has been blocked for fraud. Transfer over to security. 

Security answers just as quickly. I go through the problem yet again. She said to me “I cannot access your account.” I said neither could I which is why I am calling you. If you can’t access it, who do we call?

Then she is muttering that her computer is stuck, but what she verbalizes is “I can’t move! I can’t move! Nothing is moving.” I wanted to ask if she wanted me to call 911 in her area code, but I was certain she meant the computer. 

Finally, it was fixed, but it will take 5 business days to be able to troll around the account online, though I can use the card immediately. 

Tomorrow night will be my 4th call to Bank of America about a savings account that was supposed to be transferred over a month ago. Each time the rep tells me the last one did not do it correctly. 

All wasted time that will never be retrievable.

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