The Wall

Strangely, I ran into the complaining neighbor from downstairs who has not bothered us since they ripped open our bathroom wall to fix the pipe. Well it was not so strange to run into her, but I did ask her if she heard anything about when they would come to do the repairs of the things they destroyed. She assured me it would not be until after Easter Monday, a holiday in Hungary.

About 4:00 pm, the doorbell rings. The people from the building management are there to look at the hole. Pantomime is not getting us anywhere, so I call Balazs to translate. They want to know if they can do the repairs now. There is a glitch though. The tile that is in there now is no longer being made, so unless we have some hidden spares, they cannot match it. Well, we don’t.

They wanted to know if we wanted the whole bathroom re-tiled or just the hole. The entire project would be our expense; the hole was on the house. Just the hole, thanks. I suggested plain white tiles since it was low to the floor and to the side, in a not too noticeable place. They said they would be back in 90 minutes and do the work. Okay, but hey guys, we have a 6:30 am flight tomorrow to Amsterdam and have to get up at 3:00 am.

They returned after 2 1/2 hours and started working. We did not get to bed until 10:00 pm, a couple of hours later than we had planned, but the work was done and it looks great. They did an excellent job of it.