Voice From the Past

I received this e-mail yesterday, which really blew me out of the water. How did she find me? Yes, I taught at MJC from 1987 to 1999. My courses were Human Services 101, the entry level social work course; Human Services 145, the internship course; Psychology 110, Human Sexual Behavior; and once Sociology 101. This is the third student who has hunted me down to say they were inspired to earn their MSW. Others have chosen affiliated fields, but return to tell me about it. This is the first time this has happened since leaving the States.
Hi Dr. James, I was looking for a professor who taught at MJC in 1995 psychology and human services class. I attended those classes and I was inspired by Dr. James teachings. I am now a graduate of social work and I was just wondering if I am contacting the right person. If you are the same professor who taught psych 110 in 1995 at MJC please write back. I would love to get some guidance in the social work profession. Respectfully, Lupe Larios-Garcia