University Woes

Back in September, we were told at the university that the campus has been sold and we were to move to the main campus over the winter break. They were remodeling a building that the university purchased with this in mind. In December, we were told the remodeling was not done yet and we would wait until the end of the spring semester.

Last month, we were told that the university will lose money each day we stay on the current campus after April 1st, so we are moving during our spring break. It is now March 22nd. We have been told to box up all of our things in our offices and classrooms to prepare for this move, leaving out last minute things until last. We had to submit an inventory of the furniture in our office that we wanted to use in the new building, too.

Next week is the last week of classes before spring break. As of now, we don’t know where our classes will be held in the new building. We don’t know if we will start on schedule after the break. We don’t know how the students will find out when the classes are to start again or how to inform them of the room numbers once we do. We were told to expect an extra ‘reading week’ after the break, so this will extend the break by another week. Now rumors are going around that the end of the semester will be extended in May. IF our students were only single majors, this would not be too much of an issue; however, many of them are double majors and start exams at the end of the semester. A large number of them do not live in Budapest and staying here for a few classes will be a drain on their finances. Some have tickets for other countries to study and work as soon as the semester is over. My additional concern is our tickets already booked for Rome in May when one of our friends comes to visit. My co-teacher, the other native speaker is getting married right after school was originally planned to end. He has a honeymoon planned.

It seems that when they allocated rooms for this semester at the main campus, they ‘forgot’ all of the programs that are on our campus. Scheduling now is a nightmare. Since I live so close to the main campus, I have offered almost all of my classes, the smaller ones, to have classes at my apartment, so they could finish the semester on time.