The University Started?

Last week was our “first week” of the semester. In all semesters past, the students would show up for classes if they were registered and others would show up if they weren’t and plead to get in.

This last Tuesday, I went prepared to meet my portion of the 300+ freshmen who are required to take one of the two sections of Survey of American Culture offered this semester. I was in the auditorium sized room early trying to figure out where the light switches were. The class is schedule for 8:00. By 8:15, I was still hunting for the light switches and for the students who were supposed to be there.

When I went to our American Studies office, I found out that students did not have to attend the first week of the semester, just the faculty. Other than selling the CDs and DVDs I prepare for my students, it was a waste of time even going. The NEW improved system shows that 1,178 students have completed their registration and there are only 11 in my class, but then again, only 30 in my colleague’s section. The old system, which I can access on my own, shows 729 students registered, but none for either of our Survey classes. Go figure.

This Tuesday should prove interesting to say the least.