The University Speaks

This is the e-mail I received this morning:

Dear Colleagues,

As you know the spring holiday starts on 2 April and ends on 10 April (Tuesday). Since the exact date of our move to Rákóczi út is still uncertain, we are considering making the holiday three days longer (i.e. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday could be “non-teaching workdays”). This would give us some time to get settled in the new place and then we could continue teaching in a more organised way. The Institute Council will make the final decision on Tuesday (27 March), about which I’ll inform you on the same day. So PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAILS ON TUESDAY.

I will be anxiously waiting Tuesday to see the results. Notice that in the note above, it is mentioned that the “exact date of our move to Rákóczi út is still uncertain”. Um, doesn’t anyone think this is a bit late not to be certain? In the meanwhile, I have all of my smaller classes on alert that we are meeting at my apartment that week. The semester is too short as it is to miss another week.