United and Continental Airlines

If you have not paid much attention to what you may think is junk mail, be on the alert for any e-mails from Continental Airlines if you have a frequent flier account with them. Continental and United Airlines have merged, but come 2012, the Continental One Pass program, will become a no pass zone. They are doing away with the program. Unlike so many other programs, the One Pass did not wipe out the miles that I had earned years ago when I have not added to them. They were still intact. So what do you do with them?

If you have a United Mileage Plus card, you can and should merge them now. They say you can merge them in either direction, but then in other informational pieces, it states the One Pass will be abolished, so what is the point to transfer them to Continental unless you plan on using them immediately. If not, you are better off letting them sit in the United account. 

Supposedly, this can all be done online, but I hit a brick wall when trying today. The link if you want to try is here. My United account has Dr. Ryan James and the Continental has Mr. Ryan James. Because of that discrepancy, the computer kept kicking it back due to a mismatch. I attempted to edit the information on each account to make them equal, but they would not let me edit my name without sending a marriage certificate or divorce paper. The good news is that I found I can use Skype for call 800 numbers in the US. I had never been able to do that before. 

There were only 11,621 miles in the Continental account, but hey, that may mean the difference between a ticket or not in the future. Now they are merged, it is done and I don’t have to worry about forgetting it come December. If you need to do it too, don’t put it off.

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