Underground News

Having quit just in time, the Budapest city council has officiated a ban on smoking in all of Budapest’s underpasses from July 18, 2010. Those caught could be fined up to Ft 30,000.Of course whether or not anyone will uphold the law to impose the fine or bother collecting it will be up for grabs. What has always amused me was that you were able to smoke in the underground up to the line where the metro area was designated. That was off limits. 
In other underground news, it seems that the elevators that were used in Metro 2 construction had a MADE IN CHINA label attached with a Made in Germany sticker covering it up. The problem is that the funds for the reconstruction were from EU pots of gold, where the law clearly states all products must be EU constructed. Ooopah!
Back in the sunshine or rather cloudy skies above, here is one article that makes some sense Let us count the 14 ways the new government could revitalize Budapest from Realdeal.hu. The key word being could, not will, but more like not going to happen.
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