Two Shakes of a Lambs Tail and Internet Magic

Here is the next phase, deciding on an appliance store. My first thought was Sears. Has any American grown up without a Sears Kenmore product in their home? I would think you are in the minority if you had. My grandparents as well as the next generation swore by them. However, when I mentioned it to the property manager, he said they were overpriced and I should use BrandsMart, a local chain. 
I had concerns about whether or not the appliance store would let me order online. There is the credit card issue, living in Europe, but using American issued credit cards can sometimes be difficult.The property manager said they would not accept my card. Mike, my friend on the ground called the local store and they said yes they would. I found that they would on their web site, but e-mailed them to confirm it and they said no, they would not. Talk about mixed messages. 
I could have sent a check to the property manager with my wish list, but I was not sure how much tax and delivery would be, but the bigger issue was getting my frequent flier miles. I want everyone I can get.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I shopped the Brandsmart web site like I was buying today, which I was if it would let me. I picked out the largest of what would fit into spaces in case they rent to a family: My choices were a: 
Hotpoint 3.2 cub. ft washing machine
GE 7.0 cub ft dryer
GE 5.3 cub ft Electric range (I hope it is large enough for a good sized Thanksgiving turkey)
GE 1.5 cub ft over the range microwave
Frigidaire 18 cub ft top freezer/refrigerator
After arranging all of these so nicely in my shopping cart, making sure no edges were sticking out that would slam into any other shopper or their cart, I called American Express.
I had my billing address temporarily changed to my friend’s home in Santa Fe, NM. Then I went back to my shopping and registered for an account. 
Dum-de-dum-dum…the moment of truth…will he or won’t he be able to make this purchase. Praise be to capitalism it was successful. The store swallowed up $1,911.72 like a compressed sponge soaks up water. Sluuuuup. Delivery date is set for May 5th. Ta-da!!
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