Turkey Technology

An article appeared in my mailbox explaining how social media can aid one in planning their perfect Thanksgiving holiday festivities. For the non-American readers, tomorrow is the US holiday of Thanksgiving. The traditional day when we share with loved ones the things that we are thankful for that we seldom think of verbalizing the rest of the year. It is kind of a national day of atonement.

The historical events were really rather grizzly, but we are taught that everyone “just got along swell and dressed up in their best native costumes”. Few of us break from the reality since we, unlike other countries do not have a culture of fables and fairy tales, so we have to take what we can get.  This story is as pasteurized as the milk we drink, but we do rejoice in  celebrating this holiday. 

Within modern history, it is the busiest day of the year for air travel, causing many turkeys who did not escape the clever to have the electric carving knife held at bay until Uncle Bobo’s late departing plane arrives.

How the Pilgrims managed to get the feast ready without technology is beyond me. Without GPS, how did the Native Americans find their way to the table? Without Facebook, how could Pilgrim Annie inform Pilgrim Sarah there was a bushel of corn waiting in Farmville? What drudgery they slaved through. Oh, right. Slaves came later. My bad.

Well for we modern folk who need the tools to plan, let’s start with a holiday menu planner that spits out recipe ideas after you fill in the blanks. This comes in handy if you are shooting blanks when trying to think on your own. If you have fussy eaters or special diets to cater to, this site may be your salvation.

Are you sick of doing it all yourself? When you want help in the kitchen, get others involved with SignUpGenius for potluck contributions. If you really want to have fun, send it out to total strangers and see who/what appears at your door. Add a note that it is BYOC – bring your own chair and please shower first.

Feeling lazy or stressed? Perhaps the local market or restaurant has prepared meals to go. Try a site I have written for at Gayot to find an eatery near you.

Don’t forget holiday decor. You can do a fast Google search for Thanksgiving crafts. These will keep the kids out of your hair while you baste the turkey.

Don’t forget the smart phone to check on airline delays, get directions, send SMS messages, all without leaving the kitchen to run to the computer. 

When all is done and everyone but the turkey is stuffed, relax to a game of turkey trivia.