Too Much Poetry

I must have been to too many poetry readings. I came across this, took the picture and then wrote three poems for it. Choose the one you like the best and leave the rest behind.

Ted Haiku

Flung in the gutter, (5)
Teddy weeps over his loss; (7)
Forever came too soon. (5)

Í  Í
Another Hungarian shakes the bonds of dependency. 
Casting the childhood crutch to the curb,
Trying to smother feelings in recycled plastic
The Í Í –s stare uncomprehendingly back into emptiness
Probing the sewer searching for answers as to why?

Being UnBearably Obnoxious

Imbibing until his eyes forms flattened beads,
his skin became translucent blue with oxygen starvation
the well supplied bachelor party was a raucous event for all.
Strung out and strung up, trapped into wearing plastic fetish
ware, Ted was pitched street side when he was no longer fun.

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  1. Well done with the poems, but god if that isn't one of the saddest photos I've ever seen.

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