Margaret Island Police Action

Today was another trek to the dentist on Margaret Island. It is becoming a place of surprises. When I arrived by bus, the area by the hotel was swarming with police with one of the large fields all roped off. 
The last time I can across something like this there was a dead body involved. That was when I was returning from the acupuncturist’s office. Gingerly following the police tape, which was identified with “POLICE” not “Rendőrség” (Police in Hungarian), there were no dead bodies about nor anything obviously criminal going on.
I asked my dentist if she knew what was happening, but she said all she knew was what a previous patient has shared. The  grounds flooded causing concern that the tree roots may have been compromised endangering people who are nearby. If you enlarge the picture I took with my phone, you can see the large dark spots in the grassy area. Those are pools of water.
Margaret Island flooding
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