To Market, To Market or Here Comes Santa Claus

Interestingly, the Christmas market opened a week earlier this year. Their normal date for spreading good cheer is the first weekend of Advent, but hey, some of us wait all year for that hot mulled wine. Why not stoke the fires early? 

We did our first trip to the Christmas market today, but the drizzle did not warm me to the idea of Christmas shopping. Each year, this is like a déjà vu experience. After the first couple of years, you can predict which booth is selling what and its exact placement on the square. With that thought in mind, I immediately headed to the lady who sells ceramics. I have bought parts of a set from her: sugar bowl, creamer, butter dish, small plates, jam jars and spoons for the jam. This last August, when a guest broke the handle to the butter dish cover, I started dreaming of sugar plums, Santa, and the ceramics lady. I am so sorry, but my OCD does not allow for a piece of brokenware. 

When I reached her booth, I was ready to buy, buy, buy. Instead, I was only able to bye, bye, bye. She was not there. I thought this was an evil trick, so covered the territory looking for her. She was not there.  Call me compulsive, but if she doesn’t show here later in the next month, I will just have to start looking for another complete set to use. I hope Santa brings her coal for her stocking.