Tiptoe Sunday

Ron and I joined by other Americans, Sally and Debbie, went to the Opera House for an early performance of the ballet based on Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. You can find the rather complicated story here. For less than $8.00 per person, we had amazing ringside seats, along the ringed balcony. For a performance like this, these seats are perfect, giving a perfect view of both the orchestra and the stage.
This particular ballet was unusual in that the major roles were men. There were only two women characters, who had less consequential, yet vital parts. What was fascinating were the movements. I do love ballet, but this was a real treat in that the male dancers had to vastly extend the standard repertoire of movements they are relegated to, many times performing intricate movements that women perform.
Ron had read that this performance is so physically demanding, there are three casts of primary roles, who will perform the six performances. It was apparent that the cast we had the pleasure of viewing were in top form, getting it their all, making for a splendid performance.
Afterward, we went to the Caledonia Scottish Pub, where Time Out magazine proclaimed one could find the best hamburger in Budapest. Ron and I had to test that theory; however, it occurred to me that I have never eaten a restaurant hamburger in the eight years I have been here. For me, yes, this is the best restaurant hamburger I have eaten. However, I can say the competition is not that stiff, if this is the prime standard.