Timing is Everything

After getting 10-15 page essays from my group of 25 students, I resent them out to different students to be the ‘editor’ of that paper. They had a week to edit it, then sent it back to the original writer and to me. The student then had one week to do a final revision of the essay and send it back to me for a final grade.

My Inbox was splitting its sides with the now 50 essays in both edited and final draft form waiting to be graded, though with the mess on moving the campus, I fell behind in my work. Yesterday, i started the process and just as I opened the first one, there was a message for me from MS Office 2007 Beta. It had expired and needed to be uninstalled. Okay, fine! I loved the program and plan on purchasing the full version, but for now, I needed to grade papers. I went to uninstall it with Add/Remove programs. This attempt gave me a “Sorry, no can do” message. It would not uninstall. I tried through the Program Files and it was a no go there too. I could not access my real copy of Office 2003 either until 2007 was uninstalled.

Essays glaring at me and I cannot open them…what to do, what to do? I burned them on a DVD R/W disc and graded them on my laptop. At the same time, I put the call out for some computer help. My TA Balazs came to the rescue with a friend of his who does computer work for a living. He spent three hours trying to fix the problem or at least fix my corrupted Windows Installer program. Trying to download the program again only resulted in the message that the version I had was newer than the one I had downloaded from Microsoft. The final conclusion was that I would have to reformat the computer. This is not a task I enjoy and will hold off until the semester is over. There are too many necessary programs to reinstall, making it too time consuming otherwise. This computer man also clearly recognized that my fan sounded like a lawnmower. He offered to replace it and it is so quiet now, I need to see the lights on the front to make sure it is still on.

We are leaving for Amsterdam on Wednesday and I am determined to have all of the grading completed before I leave.