Three Cheers for New Jersey

Everyone loves to be cruel to NJ. It if where a person, it would be the one who is everyone’s’ favorite scapegoat. I always felt it was poorly position so close to NYC, making it look like the poor stepchild. However, New Jersey and particularly my hometown was known as the Home of Seven Presidents. Seven US Presidents had summer homes in Long Branch and Elberon, which was a part of Long Branch back then. 
Budget Travel had this great article on the revitalized Jersey shore, including my home town of Long Branch. These things were invented in New Jersey The light bulb, phonograph, the first movie projector, and electric guitar. NJ had the countries first drive-in movies. 
The first game of baseball occurred in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1846 and 50 years later in 1896, the first basketball game took place in Trenton, followed by the first intercollegiate football game played in New Brunswick in 1869.
In entertainment, in The War of the Worlds radio prank, the martians landed in West Windsor Township, NJ. Other famous people who did not land from, but were born in NJ are Grover Cleveland, Buzz Aldrin, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Frank Sinatra. If that is not enough, go here for more.
And none of you would be reading this if it were not for Thomas A. Edison who had labs in Newark, West Orange, and Menlo Park, NJ.
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