This Is Going to Be Easy

“This Is Going to Be Easy” are the famous words that every computer technician who enters here says, followed by “I can have this done in no time.” Hours later when they are looking at the pictures of their wife and kids to remember their faces, pining to be with them again, they realize they spoke off of the cuff. I am sure those words never leak from their lips ever again when approaching my door.

Two days ago, the tech brought my new computer, my Windows Home Server, and new router. After an hour of struggling like a hostage bound and gagged, he finally called it quits placing a phone call to the cable company for Internet assist. According to the company, I had five computers hooked directly up to the cable box, but in reality there has only been one. The others are WiFi, so don’t count. Around more rounds than a champion tennis match, they finally agreed to disagree, but resolved the issue regardless.

Computer installed, router installed, WiFi working on all computers except the desktop sitting directly under the router. Duh! Back to square one. By 7:30 pm, the tech starts singing “Release me, let me go…” but does promise to return tomorrow to finish up. That is what all of my dates in high school said too; I should have learned by now. If I were smarter, I would have kept his bike hostage.