This Commercial Break is Brought to You…

A commercial break as in consumerism, business and leisure travel has been severely interrupted by a volcanic explosion in Iceland. When volcanoes spread their ash, it goes beyond countries and covers continents. Winds prevailed in sparing the capital city of Reykjavik in addition to other more populated areas. Considering this is Iceland, those populated areas would be those with more than one hundred people. Icelandic experts say the activity of the volcano is not letting up, which means that further traffic chaos is in the offing. Interestingly, commercial flights are able to make it to the US, due to direction of the ash coverage. Most countries in Western and Central Europe have closed airports. Budapest airport was closed as of noon today and was waiting for further reports. However, if other European airports remain closed, whether or not this airport is open will not determine who is going to fly.
MÁV-Start the Hungarian railroad system has been providing extra cars on trains bound for Zurich, Munich, Berlin and Bucharest on Sunday night to accommodate travelers stranded by the closure of the airport. The rail company said that it will steadily monitor rail traffic and the sale of international tickets and provide more international trains, if necessary.
The concentration of pollution particles rose fivefold in Budapest in a matter of hours when ash from the volcano reached the city, but other areas of Hungary have had it up to eightfold.
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