Well, today is Thanksgiving and today, just like the last eight Thanksgivings, I have to go to work. I am always in awe when I see how many others are at work today too. You would think more of them would take off for the holidays, but if I happen to have to run to the grocery store, it is not shocking to have to wait in a long line to check out. I know they must be getting last minute holiday preparations just as I am. 

This Thanksgiving, we will have the most traditional feasts of our ex-pat life thanks to generous guests who brought us some food items and a grateful thanks to a student Barbara Pap who carted a bunch of things on my wish list back with her on her last US excursion. 

We were successful in ordering a whole turkey, but the size was like winning the lottery. We had no idea how much of it we would get. They said it would be between 4-16 kilos. Another words, a super size me chicken or a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day float. 

Ron made the pumpkin pies last night. I prepared the artichoke dip, pumpkin soup, and stuffed mushrooms. When I get home from work, we can stuff the bird and pop it in the oven, peel the potatoes and set the table. The only thing missing is getting to watch the parade on TV.

Our dinner guests Melissa and her husband Scott, plus a friend of theirs and our friend Laszlo will be here to share the meal. 

My student Arpad sent this holiday greeting, so I am sharing it with you. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it wherever you are.