Technology Hell Calling

I confess, I am a technology junkie. There I said it. My name is Ryan and I am addicted to technology. (Chorus: Hello Ryan). There is a certain pride that at my age I am more computer savvy than many of my students. This all goes to hell when something goes belly up, which happens often when I near anything electrical. One of our acquaintaces insists it it the Mercury Retrograde that is responsible. If that is the case, the retrograde has been in my star sign for decades too long.

It used to be so common at one point, I would plan on returning an appliance before I ever left a store, knowing ahead of time it would not work when I returned home. It was habitual. Everyone that knows me, knows that I have perpetual computer problems. One of my students came over a month ago to see why our router suddenly stopped working. I tried everything Google had to offer to no avail. He finally switched it out with his own and took mine home to try. Within ten minutes, it went up in smoke.

So was I surprised when my Western Digital 500 GB external hard drive stopped cold in its computerized tracks? Well, seriously, I really was. We were having such a good relationship, I thought we were beyond the stage of “Is this really going to work out for us” when it dumped me. Not only did I have abandonment issues, but it stole the 500 movies I had stored on there. Now that hurt.

While I was licking my wounds, what I did not need was a dash of salt poured into them. My Palm Treo 750 died. Not even plugging it in to charge showed an iota of life. Now I am phone shopping, but time is short. For a brief moment, I thought of taking it for repair, but hey, I have spent 24,000 forints on the selfish little ingrate already. Time to kiss its little touch pad good bye.

It causes me to laugh when I read in consumer magazines that extended warranties are worthless. They should spend a month with me.