Teaching Position Opening

If you or someone you know may be interested, contact me at drryanjames@gmail.com. However, getting a Work Permit and Visa are exercises in patience, which the university offers no assistance.

Dear Ryan,
Our colleague Tamás Magyarics is about to leave us for some time to become the director of the Hungarian Institute for Foreign Affairs. This may last for several years and we are now desperately looking for someone to take over all or half of his classes for at least the coming academic year. His subjects include current US history, diplomatic history, US politics and the US Constitution. Anybody to teach 3 or 5 courses in any or some of these subjects would be welcome, provided he/she has the appropriate academic background to teach at ELTE. Teaching could be done at the BA level. No PhD is required at this point.

Please do let me know if you can think of someone so that I could help Enikő to overcome this troublesome issue.

Thanks for your help and best regards,

Tibor Frank

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