Table Mountain

We were determined to get to Table Mountain this year. Last year, each day the weather was good to get up there, we had a day tour booked. The days we were free, the wind or cloud cover was too bad and they were not allowing anyone up. Today was the day and we decided we would use the Red Hop On – Hop Off tour bus for transport. For 100 Rand, you get a full day ticket and they take you directly to the cable car station. Romaney informed us that her parents called this morning. They were on their way home and even though it will be a 10-hour drive, they are expecting us to have a dinner feast with them. She gave us a ride to the first stop of the tour bus. This truck was sitting there and I thought it was funny. We caught the first bus of the morning and listened to the tour until we reached the cable station. It was not that busy, so the line moved quickly and we were riding the cable car soon after we arrived. As the cable car ascends and descends, it rotates 360 degrees giving a full view to everyone in the car. As soon as you exit the car, there is a sign that if you hear an alert horn, return immediately to the cable station as weather conditions are making it dangerous to be on the mountain. With that in mind, we did not wander far, but my leg problems were another concern. Nevertheless, the views from around the cable station on the top were magnificent. We spent an hour up there and then went back down for the tour bus once again and went to the Victoria and Albert Waterfront for some browsing before heading home again. That evening, Patricia and Don had returned. Patricia made a lovely feast and we shared it with them, Romaney, her boyfriend, Brent, and their son Gayelen. It was good to be back.When I told Don of my problem with the computer, he suggested I try his power pack as he also had a Toshiba. I did and it worked. Relief!!