Szeged Sunday

When I resigned from ELTE, they requested my discount train paper, which technically is good until March 2015. They did waiver the rule to allow me to keep it until August 31, 2014 when my contract really expires. It seems petty to make me hand it over, but then again, I have never used the maximum train trips and generally less than half a dozen.

Our friend Kat, who has been living in Budapest for the last 9 months and her boyfriend, Geoff, who is here from the US, have never been to Szeged. With Ron’s birthday coming on Tuesday, it was a no-brainer to suggest we all do a train trip.

Szeged is the 3rd largest city in Hungary with the Tisza River running through it. The city is famous for paprika, Szekelygulyas, a goulash made with pork, sauerkraut and sour cream, and a fish soup named halászlé. It is made with catfish and carp, two types of fish I would never touch.

I went with Geoff to get tickets for the two of them. I was shocked to see that 2nd class ran over 14,000 Huf and they needed an IC supplement besides. The woman clerk knew we were traveling together, but never said as much for me. Ron who used to ride for free, due to his elegant age, had to pay 520 Huf. No BFD.

With 5 minutes to spare, we rush for our train looking for the car with Kat and Geoff’s assigned seat. What should be on the next track over, but the New Oriental Express? Oh, how I would love to do that route from end to end.

Setting fantasy aside, we found the seats, but they were not a foursome, so we moved to one. Wouldn’t you know it, when the trainwoman arrived, she made Ron and I move to the next car because we did not have the IC supplements. All four of us move and actually were more comfortable.

Szeged was delightful. It has been about 6 years since we were last there, but it is a charming city. We were amazed with the number of trams and buses crisscrossing the streets but we chose to walk. The day was delightful and enjoyed by all.

Returning to Budapest, we went to the Caledonia Scottish Pub and Restaurant for a beer before going somewhere else for dinner. As it turned out, we dined where we drank and the food was excellent.

It was a lovely celebration of Ron’s birthday two days early.


  1. True enough, but since I have a 1/2 price rate, I didn't bother. Geoff had left it to his girlfriend, who didn't bother. Lesson learned.

  2. Use the MÁV train schedule and ticket price website in advance, and never be shocked by how much train travel costs when buying your ticket at the ticket window in Hungary. 🙂

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