Every so often in my computerized journeys, I come across some little tool that I try out and find really helpful. I like sharing it with others. This last week, I came across Symbaloo, a visual bookmarking system for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and I think Safari too. I have used a variety of these types o programs in the past, but what generally happened was they were computer dependent. I would get one all set up on one computer, but then have to recreate the entire thing on other computers. The other negative issue was that each time Firefox updated, it rendered the program inoperable until they upgraded for the compatibility.

With Symbaloo, it is created in the cloud. I only had to create it once to make it available on all computers and in all browsers. Better yet, I could create my personal set of links; I have travel one, another for school, and so on. One click and I can move from one set to the next. This saves me from hunting through my bookmarks and I no longer have a bunch of bookmarks across the top of my screen taking up valuable screen space. Here are shots of two of my Symbaloo tiles. There are many for teachers already created by other teachers, which is great since you can share your webmix with others.

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