Surprise! We Are Giving You a Pre-Wedding Party

This is a week overdue, basically because life gets in the way sometimes. However, it does not negate the importance in the least. Months ago, our friend Kat McFadden planned for her mother and aunt to come stay with us for a visit of close to 2 weeks. Knowing we would step up to tour the ladies around, she wanted to show her appreciation ahead of time. 

Kat suggested that she would like to provide us with a pre-wedding party, timing it for when her mom, Mary Beth, and Aunt Alice could assist. This was a truly unexpected surprise, but thoroughly welcomed. Honestly, knowing Kat, she did not need the preemptive thankful for entertaining her relatives as an excuse, since she would have offered the party regardless.
Due to the size of her apartment, she asked if we could have it at our place. Thinking that 12-15 would be a reasonable number to cook for, Kat went forth with the preparations. We have some mutual friends, but she gathered the names and e-mail addresses of others sending out e-vites. The party was a week ago today.

Little did we realize that this was going to turn into a major production, which is proclaimed with astonishment and not the least bit of dismay. Kat was here on Saturday night to start the preparations of food with mom, Mary Beth and Alice working alongside of her. Both Mary Beth and Alice have Hungarian roots and experience learning culinary arts at their mothers’ sides. Alice also has graduated from culinary school.

Jumping on Kat’s bandwagon, our friends Dan Stroiman, Hunter Roberts, and Andrea Mitnick also provided some tasty treats to the buffet. There was enough food to feed the population of a small country and wine flowed like Niagara Falls. As most parties at our place do, everyone congregated in the living room, but there were multitudes of trips to the kitchen to replenish plates with food beyond the morsels which were spread over the coffee table and within arm’s reach.

Beyond the extraordinary party, Kat had a present commissioned specifically for us. It is the wine decanter pictured created by one of Furman University’s faculty members, Professor Robert E. Chance. Notice that it is adorned with pomegranates, which also decorate our wedding rings. This was not just coincidence, but the fact that Kat paid attention to the details of the stories we share. Kat’s mother did the personalized shipping from South Carolina to our doorstep, taking extra care so the braided handle as well as the decanter would arrive in tact.

The party was fantastic and the party assemblers were also the clean-up committee. They were the best catering service and party planners one could hope to have. Thank you for making us so appreciative.

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