Sure I Like Sör, but I am Bored by Bor

I smell a rat or racket occurring on Castle Hill. First there was the Beer Festival, but sör, you knew that already. You may remember my reporting that they charged 1,950 Huf admission and all you received in return was a lousy glass of beer and the privilege to buy more once you rented a mug for 600 Huf.

Currently, the hill is entertaining the 20th annual wine festival happening now. Let me bor you with few details that guests have reported. The admission was 2,500, but at least they received a wine glass for it, but no tickets toward wine like in times past. Each ticket cost 100 Huf with wine samples ranging from 400-900 Huf, so shell over 4-9 tickets. Get this, they went to buy food, but could only pay for it with wine tickets. When they did not have enough, the vendor was willing to take cash for the balance. After four tastes, they returned to whine about the wine, but the one they liked best was from Wien.

So is the Castle the new “Let’s have a festival, charge admission, and get rich!” scheme in the works? After you have sör-ly been bor’ed, the next fest to sweetly separate you and your cash will melt in your mouth. September 16th to 18th will be the Sweet Days chocolate and sweets festival, where you will only need to pay 1,900 Huf to enter the grounds where you will be delighted to learn that in the future, they are planning an expansion, so this entry fee is truly a bargain. Once they get this kick started they can sweetly with chocolate coating increase the prices. In the meantime, the promo offers such events as “guided chocolate tasting tours with expert. (Chocolate Ambassadors)”. Can you taste test the ambassador after the tour, I wonder?

While you are waiting for dessert, try the “The Szolnok International Goulash Competition”, but hurry, it starts today, September 9th and finishes on Sunday, the 11th. After your fill of goulash, move on to Makó for the International Onion Festival held September 10 to 12. All that running around will burn up those calories, so you can indulge with sweet days the following weekend.

I cannot wait for the Castle hill to be void of festivals and just let me drink in the sweet and sumptuous views.

Mini-Hungarian translations
Sör – beer
Bor  -wine
Note: I took the liberty of using bor instead of bore intentionally.

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  1. Next time you should come to District 22 if you want to have a nice wine festival. There's no admission fee, the glass costs 500 forints, but you can drink from plastic cups as well. And there's a parade on Saturday morning, in which the district's wind band marches, including me. Free concerts in the evening.
    Good thing to be there even if you don't like bor. First weekend of September every year.

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