Sunny Skies

Today is the first day in weeks that we have not had any rain within a 24 hour period. For a few days, I thought we would have to move to England just to see the sun shining more often.
With that dose of vitamin D pouring from the sun’s rays, I was inspired to meet with a web designer to arrange the new site. This was the suggestion of a former student; they were once co-workers. The designer suggested something I had known about, but had never considered. Use WordPress for the website. I was under the impression it was only for blogs; therefore, it was off of my radar.
With this information, a search of templates produced an ideal one that I can modify with metaphor and create something unique, while still being professional. Following the tutorial, I was able to load WordPress into my domain, but the template failed repeatedly. Back to the hurry up and wait stage, I had to send a note to the designer telling him there was a page missing. He wrote me back with a different download link; the result was the same. After some back and forth name calling and rooting around, I found the defective files to delete them, trying from the beginning. It worked! One less book to order for now.
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