Such a Busy Day

It is with great pleasure that I report that the kitchen is finally 100% completely remodeled. The doors that were without glass fronts have now been replaced with the matching doors of their neighbors. Six doors were supposed to have glass fronts, but the contractor misunderstood. He only installed two doors with sections for glass, making it look ludicrous. It was cheaper all around to replace the two with solid solid doors rather than four more with glass. It looks great.

He also added matching floor boards at the bottom, and on the sides that show, so they are no longer anemic white. I love the granite looking sink. It is so much easier to keep clean. The stove is a marvel.

We also had 14 boxes of tile delivered. In the next month or so, between guests coming and going, we will have the tiles replaced in the hallway to match the kitchen. Each little change makes this more and more our own, evicting the ghosts of tenants past.