Striking Gold Twice in One Week

Sometimes being lucky in life is purely random while other times you have to work at it. This week I had the unprecedented fortune to meet two published authors for coffee within two days.

On Wednesday, I met with András Gerevich, a Hungarian poet and screenwriter. András has multiple books of poetry published in both English and Hungarian. He was a Fulbright student to Dartmouth University. He is a warm and kind soul and I hope he becomes a future friend. By coincidence, he is teachingscreen writing classes at ELTE University, so when I sent out notice for the Budapest Creativity Group, he received them and contacted me.

Thursday, I met with Phillip Done, a teacher at the American School in Budapest and the author of two books based on his experiences teaching 3rd graders. It makes me wish I had saved the antidotes I had collected during my elementary teaching tenure. 

Phillip found this blog through a search, found Gabor Pal, the massage therapist and went to him. He was highly impressed with the massage which prompted him to return to my blog. He then noticed that I was a writer too, so contacted me about 6 months ago. It took this long to coordinate schedules, but well worth the delay.

I found two golden gems in the city.

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