Stress or No Stress, Which Do You Choose?

I subscribed to a Google web group of life coaches to see what they are dong, get tips, and so on. After six weeks of digests containing the week’s postings, it seems that are all doing webinars, online web seminars. How I would love to be a fly on the wall or on the web as it were to see who is really attending these things. From what I can gather, they all seem to be marketing to each other. One coach tells another, she will Tweet the info to her 728 followers. What a false number our followers happen to be. Being enthused about Twitter at one point, I starting following a great number of journals and magazine writers, yet after the novelty started to evaporate it was only a rare occasion that I took the time to read their Tweets.
One post in a digest caught my attention. The author posed the question “Would you choose to live a stress-free life?” Now, before you say that is a no-brainer, stop and think about stress. There are positive and negative stresses. She did not clarify, lumping them all together. She asked for suggestions to make the newsletter better as it is now in its first year, third edition. Not much of a track record. For someone who supposedly is an expert in stress reduction, she is negligent in facts about stress. Here is a piece of what I wrote her.
There are some assumptions made in your newsletter and the word ‘STRESS’ has received a bad rap over time with an abuse of therapeutic terms tossed at its definition. There are positive stressors that are part of our make-up. The fight or flight syndrome is a positive stress reaction. Other positive stressful situations are preparing to get married, having a baby, buying a home, starting university, starting a new job, and so on. How many would choose to avoid those types of stress? Stress can either motivate us for change or move us from stressed to depressed.
As much as some others claimed, it is impossible to live without any stress, at least momentary stress. We may find solutions quickly to negate stress, but stressful situations cannot be excised completely or entirely avoided.
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