The Stranger at the door

Yesterday, when I was walking home from school, I passed the frame shop. The guy that we spoke with was outside smoking away. I thought to myself, “Get your ass in there and work on my pictures and I won’t have to wait for Wednesday.”
When I got home, there was an older guy, kind of scruffy looking standing at our door talking a mile a minute. Ron only had the window to the door open, but not the door. When he saw me, he said “I don’t know what this guy wants, but he won’t leave.” The guy looks at me and rambles on like I would understand every word he said. Then I recognized him as the helper from the frame shop. They had called to say that the lithographs were done, but when Ron answered the phone, they could not communicate with him, so they sent this guy over. The key word was ‘graphika’ as I heard it and the bells went off. Twenty minutes later, we had our framed art back and placed on the wall with new matting. They look great!

Ron looked so funny behind the window, not knowing what to make of this whole thing. I wish I had thought to take his picture.