Stamp, Cancel and Then Get Artsy

IMGP1472I love this art piece, because it is so representative of my mind. There is some little creature always pecking away with ideas, things to do, things I should have done causing my mind never to slow down. There is more about the art is soon to follow.

Ron suggested we visit the Postal Museum causing me to have a silent inward grown. Then I realized I had dragged him to the Stamp Museum in Budapest, so turnabout is fair play. Apparently, we had passed this fabulous piece of architecture multiple times, without realizingIMGP1429that it is both a function post office with the addition of a small museum behind the cashier booths.

The exquisitely designed interior of the building matches the decorative façade. It nearly seems a waste to have this as a post office and not something more spectacular IMGP1437like ministerial offices. However, if this were the case, it may not then be open to the public.

At first glance, it was difficult to decipher where a museum might be hiding among the long series of services windows. At the back of the building and to the right, there are tiny little tables and chairs in primary colors. There was also a group of tiny little children who had Montessori printed on their polo shirts. My first thought was this happened to be a school. Rounding up the group of little elves was no simple task, but once accomplished they posed for photos in front of the Christmas tree which sat back in a second lobby. Once they departed for parts unknown, the museum revealed itself.

Though not a large affair, I did find it interesting. For some years in my youth, I collected stamps, but only briefly. I was more interested in the colors and design than the history behind the artwork.

As postal museums tend to do, this too displayed a photo history from the beginning of services IMGP1441when horses and coaches were the transportation, the tools of the mail carrier such as the bags used to carry the mail and the transition of uniforms. There were also some postal related statues, but the one piece that was most impressive was the eagle collage. At first glance, it looks like a faded eagle, not very impressive. To appreciate it, you need to look closer. The IMGP1442entire work consists of 34,279 cancelled postage stamps of various colors dated. That was impressive.

Around the corner from the Post Office, the Museo Nacional de Arte is another handsomely rich architecturally styled building that demands attention. Currently, there is a temporary exhibition called Los Modernos, which cost us 38 Pesos each to visit. As it turned out, it was a bargain because this includes access to the entire museum.

The interior was jaw dropping gorgeous. Each floor contained separate rooms for differing IMGP1462periods and styles of art that wrapped around a covered inner courtyard. The use of space and architecture was an example of art at its best. After visiting the Los Modernos, weIMGP1466 moved to the top floor to work our way down. By the time we reached the ground floor, we were on sensory overload and mentally exhausted.

However, being the gluttons that we are, we did not stop there. We moved on to the Museo IMGP1482Franz Mayer. Mayer was a stockbroker and investment specialist. Over 50 years time, he IMGP1483collected fine artworks, books, furniture, ceramics, textiles and many other types of decorative items. The former San Juan de Dios monastery is the current home to the collection.The church across the small plaza, Parish of La Santa Vera Cruz de San Juan de Dios Church, is sinking at an alarming rate.It is obviously lopsided.

IMGP1484Locals gather to play chess, but one of them is just a stiff. He observes, but never seems to participate in anything. Talking to him just falls on deaf ears.

After completing my Ed.D., the frustration of finding a teaching position where I was willing to live, led to Ron and I leaving the country. We intended to travel for a year before settling somewhere in MA or RI. We left the US without any credit card debt, no car payments and our house mortgage paid by renters. We had $10,000 in the bank to make our way through a year.