A Spoonful of Comments

Arpad sent a note along, but for the life of me, I cannot find the e-mail. Sorry Arpad!
The survey on Facebook received many comments, most never hearing of such a thing. One person did allude to the espresso spoon, but again not as a measurement tool and not as a common household item. Thanks to all who participated.
Paul Roberts said…
    Never heard of a coffeespoon, a teaspoon however is a recognised measure and everyone has them (in the UK at Least). So I think teaspoon would be more aproriate to use on a cooking blog.
j.david.barker@gmail.com said…
    I’ve never heard of coffee spoons in the US, but I also grew up in a non coffee-drinking household. Then again, the little coffee spoons I use here in Hungary weren’t strange for me, so perhaps I’ve unconsciously encountered them at home.
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